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New Adams Golf Clubs Pro Hybrid/Rescue 20° 3h Matrix Altus Red Tie LtdEd Regular

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  • Description

    Brand New Un Used Ex-Display Club

    Head Cover not available

    Condition - New - see grading's below

    High MOI upside-down head shape.
    Velocity Slot Technology on the crown and
    Cut-Thru Slot technology on the sole
    combine with an ultra-thin face to add forgiveness and flexion.
    Center of gravity positioned directly behind
    the center of the face to enhance workability of the club.

    • 2h Hybrid 18° Standard Length 40.75"
    • 3h Hybrid 20° Standard Length 40.00"
    • 4h Hybrid 23° Standard Length 39.25"


    Review: Adams Pro Hybrid

    Adams Owns the Hybrid Slot in The Bag

    For years now Adams has been the #1 hybrid on tour.
    I don't see that changing any time soon.
    They continue to make great hybrids year after year.
    Adams has owned the hybrid slot in my bag more than anyone else.
    Their 2014 campaign to "Own the 2nd shot" really fits them well.
    They have always done really well in this category.
    The Pro hybrid is their latest model to offer 3 distinct hybrids shapes to own the 2nd shot.
    It reminds me of some of the first Adams I put in the bag almost 6 years ago,
    the Idea Pros.
    While there has been technology advances,
    velocity slots, new shafts and improved looks,
    Adams still makes the best hybrids 6 years later.

    The first thing that stuck out for me is the great shape of the Pro hybrids.
    It is exactly what fits my eye.
    Probably because I've been playing Adams hybrids for so long,
    but this one is really pleasing to look down at.
    The matte black, the boxy shape, and even the velocity slot all look really good at address.
    With the emphasis on lower, forward CG,
    Adams added the sole weight again low and forward like some of their original models.
    This creates an easy to launch, yet flat flighted hybrid.
    It is easier to launch than a 3 iron, goes further, hits higher and stops quicker.
    Even if you want to hit a low runner with this hybrid,
    it is versatile enough to change ball position and still get the desired results of a low runner
    that cuts through the wind and bounds down a firm fairway.

    Dubbed as “The Next Hybrid to Dominate on Tour”,
    the Adams PRO Hybrids are positioned for golfers of all skill level.

    Technological advances in head shape and design have led Adams to create an
    easy to hit hybrid suited to replace whatever you currently have in your bag.
    How did they do it?

    The features give us a glimpse:

    • Compact 95cc club head
    • Carpenter 455 Steel Face
    • Patented high MOI upside down head shape for more consistent contact
    • Velocity Slot Technology on the crown and Cut-Thru Slot Technology on the sole
    combined with an ultra-thin face add forgiveness and flexion to get the ball airborne
    with minimal effort
    • Repositioned CG enhances workability for those who prefer more shot-shaping
    on the course

    RRP £159


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